Kansas SSC Sued

Former Kansas Attorney General Sues the State Supreme Court Over Abortion-Related Corruption

October 20, 2015
Topeka, Kansas – Former Attorney General Phill Kline held a press conference at the Kansas Supreme Court yesterday announcing that he has filed suit in Federal Court against the Kansas Supreme Court, alleging that they violated his Constitutional Rights when they indefinitely suspended his law in 2013.
At issue was Kline’s attempt to investigate and prosecute late-term abortionist George Tiller of Wichita and Planned Parenthood in Overland Park for illegal late-term abortions and concealing child rape while serving first as Kansas Attorney General then as Johnson County District Attorney.
Kline included Disciplinary Administrator Stan Hazlett in the suit, who pursued an ethics case against Kline as a political vendetta even though two of Hazlett’s investigators cleared Kline of wrongdoing.
A press release issued yesterday stated that Kline “seeks full vindication and recognition that his law license was never validly suspended.”