Kansas Abortion Law

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts recently revoked the medical license of abortionist Ann Kriston Neuhaus because of providing false mental health information to George Tiller. Neuhaus conducted mental health exams on pregnant girls ages 10-18 before referring them as patients with “irreversible mental illnesses” to Tiller. In order to receive an otherwise illegal late term abortion back in 2012, Kansas law required a second doctor’s opinion that a patient would be harmed physically or mentally if she carried her unborn baby to term. After the Shawnee Country District Court judge ordered the Board to reconsider its decision, the Board ruled that Neuhaus’ record keeping of mental health exams to justify referrals to Tiller for late-term abortions was enough to bar her from practicing medicine. The Huffington Post described Neuhaus in 2013 as being on the verge of bankruptcy living in a rundown house in rural Kansas. Operation Rescue initially filed a complaint against Neuhaus in 2006.