Closed Abortion Clinics















Washington, DC – The total number abortion clinics in America continues to decline, following nationwide trend extending back to 1991. In 2015, abortion clinics closed at a rate of more than one per week with 53 abortion clinics shutting down or halting all abortion services. Operation Rescue surveyed by telephone all abortion facilities in the U.S. from December 1-15, 2015 and found the following:

* 42 Surgical abortion clinics halted all abortion services. * 11 Medical abortion clinics halted all abortion services.

In addition, a number of abortion facilities reduced services:

* 16 abortion clinics halted surgeries and now offer only medication abortions. * 12 abortion clinics stopped dispensing abortion drugs and now only offer surgical abortions, noting that the abortion pill was “ineffective” or “too dangerous.”

In all, 81 abortion clinics closed or reduced services in 2015. Currently, there are 517 surgical abortion clinics and 213 medication abortion clinics remaining active in the U.S., the lowest numbers in decades.

In 1991, which is considered the high water mark for the number of abortion clinics, there were 2,176 surgical facilities offering abortions. Since then, 81% have closed.

“There is a direct correlation between the number of abortion and the number of abortion clinics. When abortion clinic close, abortion numbers decrease and lives are saved,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

In addition, Operation Rescue obtained data on wait times for abortion appointments and average price of common first-trimester abortion procedures that debunk assumptions that the Abortion Cartel falsely portrays as fact.

The results show that the national average wait for an abortion appointment is 8.5 days, much less that the approximately five weeks it takes to get a dentist appointment.

In Texas, where a 2013 abortion law is being challenged at the U.S. Supreme Court next spring, abortion supporters wrongly claim that the closing of half the state’s abortion clinics has overwhelmed remaining clinics, leading to higher costs and longer appointment wait times in weeks.

However, Operation Rescue’s new data confirms that the average wait time for an abortion appointment in Texas is 6.5 days – two full days below the national average. The cost of a first trimester surgical abortion in Texas is also below the national average cost of $594.74.

“Closures can be at least partially attributable to the Abortion Cartel’s inability to follow the law. Given that propensity, we are confident the trend of abortion clinic closures will continue,” said Newman.